Love Handles

Love Handles.

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Ew…Super unattractive! yeah, the waist and hips are a GREAT place for the body to store fat. It’s not in the way, and it hangs on the waist, above the legs, so it doesn’t hurt your back.

So your body wants to put extra pounds there. To get rid of the extra pounds, eat a healthy diet full of fruits, vegetables and whole grains, and low in empty calories (sugars and fats, that have no vitamins). Try to find some kind of exercise you enjoy.

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Plus, to target that area in particular, do this exercise. Stand up and put your fists next to your ears. Bend as far over to one side as possible, and then straighten up. This stretches and tones the side muscles.

The best way to lose those love handles is to go on a diet that will shed pounds from your entire body. By diet, we mean a permanent eating regimen that stresses healthy foods – and not an overabundance of them. There are plenty of diet books out there that will tell you how to balance your intake of protein, complex carbohydrates, fat, and fiber.

Any fat-burning aerobic workout is what you need, though you may also want to tone and firm that area where the handles are attached while you’re losing fat. Exercising the abs is good for that, but the best exercises for it are side bends and torso twists.

Exercises for Love Handles

Side Bends:
Stand straight with your knees slightly bent and your feet apart, then slowly lower the trunk a few inches to the left side then back up, and do the same thing again to the right side. Repeat until you’re sick and tired of doing them. Don’t bend forward or backward while you’re doing these as it would be bad for the spine.

Torso Twists:
While standing firmly with your feet a shoulder’s width apart, twist your torso slowly to the left side then to the right while at the same time keeping your hips straight and even. Again, there should be no bending. Don’t overdo it; twisting too far makes it easy to pull a muscle. Is it possible to spot reduce or is it a myth?


Jennifer Campbell