4 Best Tennis Rackets of 2017

wilson tennis racket

It’s great to hear that you’ve decided to take tennis seriously, and while you are completing your tennis gear to prepare for your tournament, one of the most important things you need to purchase is your own professional tennis racket. The performance of your tennis racket can make or break your tennis play, which is why looking for the best ones on the market may be confusing at times. Just imagine the wide range of choices, all claiming to be the best tennis racket among the rest. However, before you even purchase on your own, you might as well want to check if the one you’re looking at is included in our list of the best tennis rackets for 2017.

Babolat Pure Aero Play

What can we expect with one of the oldest company to provide tennis gears? Starting from the racket strings, Babolat sure has enough experience to provide integrations to their products. A foolproof example is Babolat Pure Aero Play. It may look like other usual professional tennis rackets, however, this is fairly different. Integrating technology to the racket made it popular among tennis grinders. This tennis racket has its own sensors at its handle part which tracks the power, type of hits, spins, ball impact, and reports the data of your play to your smartphone with the use of Bluetooth. Apart from these, it is designed with AeroModular2 for advanced aerodynamics with every swing of the racket. Also, the Frame String Interaction (FSI) technology gives an open weave in the string bed of the racket, giving a maximum spin according to play.

Wilson Blade 98s Countervail

The Wilson brand competes with the high-end tennis rackets today, promising a big-hitting and aggressive game. You can never go wrong with a minimalist matte look at the racket, but what makes Wilson Blade 98s Countervail one of the best tennis rackets is its trademark Countervail technology. This is very popular for offensive players as it returns their energy in a maximized level. The Wilson Blade series are constructed with the braided elastic graphite and basalt, enabling flex in each game. Though the Wilson Blade 98s is slightly expensive compared to the Wilson Blade 98, the former gives additional Spin Effect Technology that increases the RPM of the balls without adjusting the player’s swing.

Head Graphene XT Radical

Popular way back 2015, Head Graphene XT Radical is still one of the most renowned tennis rackets as the company continues to improve and remake it up until this year. We can’t blame the user, because the Head GrapheneXT Radical is extremely light as it is made of grapheme, lessening the fatigue experienced by the player during long periods of game duration. Furthermore, it is reported that everyone enjoys better powershots with this as well. And with that, the Head Graphene XT Radical gives you more control since it promotes better ball placements, top quality grips, and amazing shock reduction.

Prince Textreme Warrior 107T

Surely you’ve heard of the Prince Textreme Warrior 107T. But what is the hype all about? The main reason is because it provides an excellent combination of power and control to the players, a perfect choice for those who are beginning to play tennis and for intermediate players as well. As it also helps generate power, the design enables you to make full swings at the ball. With its weight distributed towards the handle, you can feel a more stable racket as there will be lesser vibration flowing to your arms with every hit. Moreover, it has a large sweet spot, giving beginners to intermediate players a more precise shot. Thanks to the graphite and Textreme material incorporated in it, the rackets are surely stronger and stiffer without compromising the weight.

Takeaway to the best tennis racket of 2017

While there are players who opt for a high-technology racket, you should not forget about the classic rackets which also offer different advancements. In this list, we’ve mentioned about Babolat Pure Aero Play racket, which is the best if we are talking about technology wise. However, there are other brands that can also give you an edge in tennis. All of these are based on Jeremy’s favorite tennis rackets guide. Consider choosing from the list if you want to dramatically improve on your tennis play.

Jennifer Campbell